1. I really enjoy and admire your artwork. I am using “The Bone Lantern” image on my WordPress blog as an image of the Fibromyalgia Host that lives within us. I intend to come back and continue reading your descriptions of the Fairy Tales we continue to read to our children. I will confess here, I actually avoided much of the reading of them to my daughter as I found them insulting to her and boys. I agree that they are from another time. I also agree that if one looks deeper the symbolism is world of emotions experienced by the young, and old. However, I do not think that the growing mind of a five year old feels this as she becomes the beautiful princess who marries the rich prince 🙂
    Keep on with your wonderful allegories and illustrations.


    1. Thanks for commenting Lucinda. Can you please send me a link to where the image is being used? I’m happy for an image to be used as long as it is attributed, and links back to my blog or website.

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